Precise ADAS Windshield Replacement & Calibration Services

If your vehicle requires a windshield replacement and is newer than 2010, odds are that your ADAS will need to be calibrated which only a few auto glass companies specializing in Luxury vehicles in Arizona can do.

What is ADAS Calibration?

ADAS is an acronym that stands for Advanced Driver Assistance System, it has driving and parking functions to increase car and road safety.

Some ADAS systems help assist in lane departure and centering. This technology as a whole was built to make drivers’ lives easier and reduce incidents and collisions.  It is a state law in Arizona that your forward facing camera must be calibrated after a windshield replacement. A non calibrated camera compromises your safety systems causing danger to you, your loved ones and other motorists. Calibrating your ADAS systems requires specialized equipment and unique training.

European Auto Glass utilizes factory approved equipment & service procedures to calibrate your ADAS to manufacturers specifications.