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When it comes to BMW windshield replacement and auto glass repair, Tempe, AZ residents can rely on us for top-tier service. Our experts boast a minimum of a decade each in replacing BMW auto glass, assuring precise and high-quality work every time. Set up your next service, be it a windshield replacement or luxurious repair, with ease at our EAG Center.

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BMW Windshield Replacement

Your luxury car's windshield replacement is a primary service for European vehicles, notably BMWs, one we're well-equipped to handle with our expertise. In the sunny streets of Tempe, AZ, where new car features and endless glass maintenance coincide, state insurance steps in with coverage to ease your worries. When your BMW's windshield cracks extend beyond a credit card's length, rely on us for top-tier replacement services, ensuring your vehicle's glass is as pristine as the day you bought it – it's our specialty!

BMW Windshield Repair

A smart investment for vehicle safety and cost efficiency, windshield chip repairs are a less expensive option for maintaining the original factory seal in luxury car windshields. However, if the chip obstructs the driver's view, replacement is recommended. Otherwise, the size of the damage will dictate repair versus replacement. For European luxury vehicle owners, European Auto Glass ensures both safety and savings. Contact us at (602) 715-0911 for a quote on repairing your windshield or laminated auto glass, and avoid the inconvenience and expense of a full replacement.

BMW Camera Calibrations

Ensuring the correct calibration of your vehicle’s high-end safety features hinges on the maintenance of your windshield camera. The proper functioning of these luxury car systems requires attention to this crucial detail.

After a new windshield is installed, certain car safety features such as cruise control, collision alert, lane departure warning, and lane-keeping assist may not function properly until they’ve been calibrated. European Auto Glass follows precise manufacturer-dictated tooling and procedures to guarantee that these systems are recalibrated in line with the original specifications.

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