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At European Auto Glass, we specialize in superior auto glass services tailored for European and Luxury vehicles, serving the Chandler community and its surroundings with precision and care.

Rely on the seasoned professionals at European Auto Glass for premier luxury vehicle glass repairs. Our establishment provides flexible service options, including in-house repairs or on-the-go assistance with our mobile service unit. Our skilled technicians are committed to delivering exceptional service, unparalleled support, and value-conscious pricing. From intricate crack restorations to minor chip mending, we assure swift and proficient resolutions for your auto glass concerns.

European Auto Windshield Repair & Replacement Services

Windshield Replacement

Windshield Replacement

Windshield replacements are more common than you might think, and at European Auto Glass, we're fully equipped with the necessary expertise and resources to swiftly handle any windshield replacements you may require. If it's time to replace your windshield, don't hesitate to get in touch with us! We're here to help you smoothly and efficiently navigate through the process.

Camera Calibrations

ADAS Calibration

Cameras mounted on the windshield play a pivotal role in the functionality of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Ensuring these cameras are calibrated post-windshield replacement is imperative for the seamless performance of your vehicle's safety mechanisms.

Windshield Repair

Windshield Repair

Our commitment lies in safely restoring damaged windshields to their original strength and clarity, prioritizing repairs over replacements whenever possible. Entrust your auto glass to our certified specialists for dependable service.

Mobile Windshield Services in Chandler

Our mobile services cater to the convenience of your lifestyle, delivering top-tier car care directly to your doorstep, workplace, or any location of your choosing. It's our utmost commitment to provide exemplary repair and replacement services, as we deeply value the satisfaction of every client we serve.


Locally Owned & Operated

At European Auto Glass, we take pride in being a locally owned and operated business in the Greater Phoenix Area. With this comes a unique understanding of our Arizona customers that compliments our extensive knowledge of European makes and models.

Mobile Repair Services

Access our auto glass services conveniently with comprehensive mobile repair services. We bring our expertise to your doorstep, offering mobile windshield replacement and other services at your location. Whether you're at home or work, our mobile services ensure a time-saving, hassle-free experience.

Premium Auto Glass

Luxury vehicles demand premium auto glass, and we deliver nothing less. When we handle your make and model, we use only the best materials including OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) glass for luxury vehicles. These windshield replacements and repairs will easily meet and exceed the expectations of your insurance company.

Quality Service

We know your car is your baby, which is why we provide the best Phoenix windshield replacement services. Your premium glass will be installed by our certified auto glass technicians, meeting only the highest standards of quality and safety.

Award Winning Certified Techs

Speaking of our techs, our team of award-winning professionals is unmatched. We continually invest in training and certification programs to keep in touch with the latest industry advancements. Have a luxury car with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)? Don’t worry, we’ve been trained to handle it all!

"Customer First" Experience

We take customer service to the next level. From your free quote to the final stages of windshield replacement and repair, we are determined to exceed expectations. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and we are dedicated to providing a service worthy of your prized vehicle.

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In need of prompt and reliable windshield services? Your search ends here at European Auto Glass! Whether it’s repair or replacement, our offerings meet all your auto glass requirements with convenient Same Day in Shop and on-the-go Mobile Services. Trust in the expertise of our certified technicians for superior quality installations backed by our Nationwide Lifetime Warranty. Reach out now to obtain your complimentary quote!


Minor chips and hairline fractures can typically be fixed with little fuss, especially when they fall outside the driver’s direct field of view. As a rule of thumb, chips no larger than a quarter and cracks that don’t exceed three inches should be repairable.

Our windshield replacement service not only guarantees durability with the use of top-notch Premium urethane but also offers the convenience of speed. Thanks to a swift 30-minute drive-away time, we can have you back on the road safely in approximately one hour.

Yes, at EAG we understand the value of your time, which is why we offer mobile windshield repair services right at your doorstep. For the convenience of scheduling, feel free to call or text our shop directly.

Should your windshield sustain damage, the first step is to apply clear tape over the impacted area; this prevents dirt from embedding within the crack or chip. Following this, it is crucial to seek professional repair services without delay.

After your windshield replacement, it’s important for the safety and integrity of the adhesive that you wait at least one hour before driving.

Generally, small damage such as chips or cracks smaller than a quarter, especially when they are not within the driver’s line of sight, may only require repair. On the other hand, larger or more severe damage typically necessitates a full windshield replacement.

EAG backs up repair and replacement services with warranties. For detailed information regarding the terms, it’s best to contact the provider directly.

The coverage for windshield repair or replacement is contingent upon your insurance policy. Most commonly, those with comprehensive insurance will find these services are included.

Adverse weather can exacerbate existing damage on windshields. Therefore, it is advised to address any repairs or replacements swiftly to avoid further complications.

The cost associated with windshield repair and replacement varies based on the type of vehicle and the extent of the damage. Typically, repair costs are less burdensome than full replacements.