When should you get a calibration job done for your luxury vehicle?

Calibration jobs for luxury vehicles are typically related to various advanced safety systems and driver-assistance technologies. These systems rely on sensors and cameras mounted on the windshield and other parts of the vehicle. It’s essential to get a calibration job done under the following circumstances:

Windshield Replacement: If you’ve had your luxury vehicle’s windshield replaced, especially if it had advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) integrated into it, a calibration job is necessary. The new windshield may require recalibration to ensure that the ADAS functions accurately.

Collision or Accident: If your luxury car has been involved in a collision or accident, particularly affecting the front or sides of the vehicle, it’s crucial to have the ADAS systems recalibrated. Even minor accidents can misalign sensors and cameras, impacting the accuracy of safety features.

Suspicion of Calibration Issues: If you notice any unusual behavior or warning lights related to ADAS features, such as lane-keeping assist, adaptive cruise control, or automatic emergency braking, it’s essential to have the calibration checked. Sometimes, a calibration issue can be the root cause of these problems.

Routine Maintenance: As a preventive measure, it’s a good idea to include ADAS calibration as part of your luxury vehicle’s routine maintenance schedule. Regular calibration checks can ensure that the safety systems are functioning optimally.

Wheel Alignment: Some ADAS systems, such as adaptive headlights or lane-keeping assist, rely on accurate wheel alignment data. If you’ve had a wheel alignment done, it’s advisable to check the ADAS calibration as well.

System Software Updates: As luxury car manufacturers release software updates for ADAS systems, calibration may be required to incorporate the latest improvements and features.

Calibrating advanced safety systems and ADAS requires specialized equipment and expertise. It’s essential to have the calibration job performed by qualified technicians at European Auto Glass for your luxury vehicle brand. This ensures that the calibration is done correctly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications, ensuring the safety features work as intended. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations for calibration and maintenance to keep your luxury car’s safety systems in optimal condition.


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